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DJ Kelly is a Buckinghamshire UK based writer of popular local history books and of historical novels. Having taken early retirement from a career which took her to 20 countries across 4 continents, she enjoys researching her own Irish ancestry and, as well as writing, spends her time indulging her other pursuits; reading, singing, painting, sewing, knitting, gardening and travelling for pleasure.

  1. Following the enjoyment I experienced reading Denise’s first book ‘A Wistful Eye’, a cleverly crafted historical novel, I can hardly wait for the release of her new novel. Keep them coming, Denise.

  2. Many thanks Ned. My second novel: Running with Crows – The Life and Death of a Black and Tan was published on 15 February and should be available on Amazon, Kindle and from all good book shops by the end of March 2013.

  3. Thank you for your comment on David Lawlor’s history blog, regarding my new book of 100 evacuation stories. Have you written about the Jewish children in Northern Ireland? Gill

    • Hi Gill. Not as such, but I have been researching the kinder transport and its links with Northern Ireland as background for a short story. I wanted to put together a collection of short stories, based in Northern Ireland and in a variety of eras, with a view to any profits going to Belfast Children’s hospital. A three year old curly-haired wee Belfast girl, named Isabella Florence Kelly, would have been my great aunt had she not died in 1887 for lack of money to pay for treatment at that hospital (nowadays free). Congratulations on your own book. It sounds to be a gem.

      • You’re very kind and do let me know when your short story is complete. Gill 🙂

      • Ps its so sad to hear about your great aunt!

  4. Willdo. Thanks.

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