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Another positive review for ‘A Wistful Eye’ received today

February 15, 2013

The Chairman of the Belfast Titanic Society today published, in the society’s journal CQD, a review of my first novel: ‘A Wistful Eye – The Tragedy of a Titanic Shipwright’. Here are some of the reviews received to date:


‘This book is very well written and evokes many memories of what life would have been like in that period of time. It is written with humour and the passion of one who was touched by the sadness of the story. With its look at an early Belfast, it is highly recommended.’ [Stephen Cameron, Chairman].


‘A professionally produced book, A Wistful Eye is a fascinating and enjoyable story …The story was engaging … this was a thoroughly enjoyable read, with some facts about Irish history that I was not aware of.’ [August 2012]


‘A fact-based story of love, loss and injustice, in which the author brings her ancestors and the poor districts of Belfast to life, complete with speech in wonderful local dialect. Kelly’s well researched and fictionalized account of her family history is a Mighty Fine Achievement.’ [April 2012]

SAM McAUGHTRY [‘Sodabread Sam’], writer, journalist and Broadcaster, BBC Radio Ulster:
‘A lovely Read. Well done, you’ve captured the time and place.’


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  1. Well deserved accolade from a respected body!

  2. Thank you Mr Kelly. Nice to see I’m not the only Kelly scribbling away. Best of luck with The Fat Man.

  3. Congratulations, Denise on a heavy weight, expert review. They don’t get much better than that!

  4. Cheers Alrene.

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